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posted on 12/08/15

1200 People Die Over Sneakers Every Year – Oh boy! Who knew there’s a dark side to sneaker culture! According to a documentary by GQ, 1200 people die each year because of sneakers.  This recent documentary on sneaker culture is called Sneakerheadz. The video suggests one factor in the violence is the marketing hype machine […]

posted on 11/16/15

Never Tie Your Laces Again with Self-Tying Shoelaces – There is nothing more frustrating then when you come home from work with tiny knots in your shoe laces which are nearly impossible to get out. Shoe-tying also requires precise fine motor control and that doesn’t seem very appealing in the early morning. But what if […]

posted on 09/16/15

Shoegasm At AFROPUNK Fest in New York 2015 – Afropunk, the world-renowned festival, is coming to Atlanta, Georgia. The two-day event takes place Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th. As far as festival style goes, the Afropunk Festivals yields some of the best, most original, fashion eye candy. Photographer Sarah Bures photographed a series of […]

posted on 09/10/15

Splurge These 7 Cartoon Inspired Shoes – There’s something about a pair of cartoon inspired shoes that make us feel all warm, happy and fuzzy inside. I really couldn’t care less if people think I look childish or immature. I’ll be the one having fun in my pink My little Pony shoes and eating an […]

posted on 08/24/15

Stiletto Raincoat – Shower Cap For Your Shoes – Good morning, afternoon and evening from Amsterdam! I’ve spent the last week in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. My favorite place was definitley Copenhagen. It was amazing to get inspired by thousands of art forms in a beautiful, historic city. Now, enough about me, let’s talk about […]

posted on 08/06/15

The Light-Up LED Sneakers – THE LIGHT UP SHOES ARE BACK! You know the shoes we’re talking about. They probably had your favorite Disney princess or action hero on them, back when you we’re a bit younger. This trend has started when a Japanese fashion brand “WEGO” posted a tweet about their new arrival LED […]

posted on 08/04/15

New Release – OVO Air Jordan 10 sneakers – Drake announces the official release date of his OVO Air Jordan 10 sneakers, that will be released to the masses at select retailers (globally).   The Jordan Brand sneakers feature a white and metallic gold colorway along with a clear gum sole showcasing gold flecks. The price […]

posted on 06/10/15

Shoe trend: Marabou Fluffy Sandals – SAY I if you are a faux fur junkie like myself! Feathers, faux fur, tinsel fluffy footwear has been having it’s moment in the style spotlight over the past few months. Especially the Marabou shoes, remember the iconic Hollywood housewife shoe! These women slippers are stylish and ensure a […]

posted on 06/08/15

Two Tips For a High Heel Relief – How was your girl’s night out past weekend? Did you leave the house feeling like the epitome of glamour in your new heels only to end up a hobbling hunch-back within an hour or one hour, six minutes and 48 seconds to be exact. Of course, none […]

posted on 04/26/15

Melody Ehsani X Reebok Spring 2015 Ventilator/Pump Sneakers – Melody Ehsani has teamed up with Reebok Classics again on a Spring 2015 Ventilator/Pump Sneakers. The special collaboration includes the Reebok Ventilator silhouette and the retro high-top Blacktop Pump Wedge sneaker with a hidden heel for the ladies in an luxe python leather motif we’ve seen […]


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