Discussion: Is It Harder To Support Black Businesses in Europe?

Is It Harder To Support Black Businesses in Europe – Black communities in Europe are becoming more and more aware of their economic power, and they are also many who want to support or invest in black-owned businesses in their community, as do Chinese, Indian and Arabic communities around the world.
But I’ve noticed that the answer HOW has been on people’s mind quite frankly. Elegancy101 is a Dutch based company and we’ve realized that supporting black business in Europe might be a lot harder than in America.
I figured out many black commumities don’t know much about black owned companies, therefore they are unable to support many of them which leads some of them to go out of business. It’s mainly because black business owners don’t promote themselves as being black business owners. Some argue that promoting a black owned business could do more harm than good if it discouraged black entrepeneurs from trying to serve all consumers. Do you agree?
Another reason is that there is no association/organization in The Netherlands that gathers all black owned companies in a certain online database. Many black-owned businesses are not being listed online. There are no “black business to black consumer” networking events or association that gathers all black owned companies and provide information about investments or on how to create a business.
It’s clear that we miss the structured business directory and networking opportunities.
Through self education I discovered that I believe in group economics, where black communities everywhere support black owned companies, help them thrive and create jobs for other black communities, which leads to more black businesses being created. But compared to America we definitley got some work to do.
We would love to hear your opinion on this matter. So comment below!
FYI: We already mentioned that we recently launched our new product: The Elegancy101 Membership Card. The fun fact is that we highly recommend black owned businesses to be part of our partnership program. This means that you are not only supporting black owned businesses but you can enjoy major discounts too.
*Only for Dutch residents.
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