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posted on 05/19/16

Is It Harder To Support Black Businesses in Europe – Black communities in Europe are becoming more and more aware of their economic power, and they are also many who want to support or invest in black-owned businesses in their community, as do Chinese, Indian and Arabic communities around the world. But I’ve noticed that […]

posted on 04/18/16

We Are Back Online: Well, it has been nearly six months since anyone at has posted any new content and even then, the posts were sporadic for about 4 months prior.   So today I am happy to announce that we are going to try and return to regular blogging. The goal is to […]

posted on 11/09/15

The Risk Of Taking Too Much On Your Plate – I can’t believe we’re winding down to the final few weeks of 2015 and there have been sights of goals, resolutions for the new year. So, a lot of you have been asking me, why I haven’t been updating the blog, why I haven’t been […]

posted on 09/07/15

Learn The History of Innovative Startups On this Website – Have you always found the Internet archive’s wayback machine to be a highly underrated resource, despite how valuable it can be? It is humbling to see how simple many startups were when they first got started, and also how quickly many have grown.  This new […]

posted on 07/22/15

This Is Why Your Instagram Follower Count Went Through The Roof – You probably woke up last weekend with hundreds of thousands of new followers. Ehh no, it’s sadly not your last selfie that won you hundreds or thousands of new followers. Instagram confirmed that a bug has caused some users’ follower counts to increase, […]

posted on 06/24/15

Big Sean’s Music Lyrics Teaches How To Handle Business – Now I wonder if Big Sean took note when artist Henry Hartman famously said ”Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” Detroit native, Sean has worked hard since the fresh age of 12 to become “Finally Famous”, one of his popular quotes and album name. Some […]

posted on 06/17/15

5 Easy Ways To Budget Your Time – Procrastination, the evil “P”, a word that nearly makes you sick when you hear it. Why, because you’re probably guilty of it? No need to fret here are 5 simple steps that will help you reach important goals in life!   Step 1: Write your goals down. […]

posted on 04/24/15

Blogging101: Is your blog Mobile-Friendly? – We’ve all been there, you’re on your phone and click through to a website, only to find it’s hard to read or burdensome to navigate because it isn’t formatted for a mobile screen. Luckily, Google made changes to its algorithm to favour websites that work well on mobile devices. […]

posted on 03/12/15

How Fashion Start-Ups Get Attention During Fashionweeks – Many other start-up entrepreneurs in the fashion industry have asked me if Fashion Week was worth attending? Well, yes. I think of Fashion week as my yearly trip to “social fashion mecca.” Every year, there are nearly 5,000 attendees at the bi-annual event of London Fashion Week, […]

posted on 01/07/15

For the February 2015 issue, Lucky magazine is putting three superstar bloggers on the cover in line of a model or mainstream celebrity. Shot in Paris, Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad, Zanita Whittington, and Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl pose together as “Fashion’s Digital Superstars. So if you still think that blogging was simply […]


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