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posted on 04/19/16

This turns Your Instagram Photos Into a Coloring Book: There is a new service called Color Me Book and it can turn your feed into a coloring book!    This online service is bringing adult coloring books to life and by the look of things it will become all the rage this year! Creator Cory Will told BuzzFeed what […]

posted on 11/18/15

New Emoji’s For Curly-Haired Ladies – A recent Dove hair study from Edelman Berland found that 82 percent of curly-haired ladies say they want to see more emoji options that actually look like them. So Dove partnered with Snaps and developed a curly-haired emoji keyboard and is available for free on the Apple App Store […]

posted on 10/27/15

This Bikini Cleans Water As People Swim – Future bikinis may clean up oceans with every swim. That is definitley a bikini that I need when I’m swimming at my local beach, Scheveningen in The Hague, The Netherlands.    I mean just look at it! (LOL)……   Anyway, this sexy bikini called the Sponge Suit […]

posted on 10/15/15

OH NO! The Balance Wheel Banned In UK – The balance wheel a.ka. the hoverboard a.k.a. the swegway. They’ve exploded in popularity and have been used by sports stars, celebrities and rappers.  The smart balance wheel resembles a skateboard or a mini Segway without the handle and is becoming increasingly popular among the younger population. […]

posted on 08/03/15

Step Your Nail Game Up With This Unbelievable Nail Art App – Are you ready to step your nail game up? Nail strips, Acrylic nails, and traditional nail polish treatments have never been combined directly with a sparkly interactive hologram app, that places digital content as an extra onto the nail surface.  The Metaverse Nails, […]

posted on 07/29/15

5 African Apps That You Should Know + DL – While you’re sitting at home waiting for your summer vacation to be over, why not check out what’s happening in the app world this week? Especially the African based apps. The number of African apps in recent years has proliferated. There is an app to […]

posted on 07/22/15

This Is Why Your Instagram Follower Count Went Through The Roof – You probably woke up last weekend with hundreds of thousands of new followers. Ehh no, it’s sadly not your last selfie that won you hundreds or thousands of new followers. Instagram confirmed that a bug has caused some users’ follower counts to increase, […]

posted on 07/02/15

  A Power Cut Resistance Smartphone For Nigerian Users – Nigerian smartphone users without worrying about NEPA & power cuts! Lenovo Group Ltd, plans to expand its smartphone business in three west African countries this year as it builds on a surge in demand in Nigeria.  They are set to give Nigerians the ultimate smartphone […]

posted on 06/16/15

Hot Female footballers You Need To Follow On Instagram – The FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off! This year the FIFA World Cup 2015 edition is taking place in Canada. Female footballers are already headlining the news ahead of 2015 world cup with constant appearances in world renowned sports magazines. covers and what not. So […]

posted on 06/02/15

Iphone Case charges your iPhone With Wasted Energy – Ditch the wires that come with your mobile phone and never be stuck without a charger for your iPhone again. There are 5 million iPhone users who now have longer battery life, thanks to the iPhone 5. Some of us still have to look for other […]


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