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posted on 07/06/16

12 Places To Visit In Marrakech As A Solo Tourist  – Not to long ago I did some exploring in North-Africa. I’ve been to Morocco before but I always wanted to explore Marrakech all by myself. In this blog I will tell you what kind of things you should be looking forward to do in […]

posted on 09/29/15

11 Ways To Help Out The Syrian Refugees – Remember that shocking image of a boy who drowned trying to flee the war in Syria? Well that picture prompted calls for people to do more to tackle the refugee crisis. As European leaders increasingly try to prevent refugees and migrants from settling in the continent […]

posted on 07/14/15

My Tropical Summer Vacation | Curaçao, St.Maarten and Saba – Being in the Caribbean on vacation feels Amazing! Having grown up on the islands and then moving far away to the Netherlands I have very much grown to appreciate everything related to the Caribbean. The blue skies, loud roads, friendly people and the even the […]

posted on 07/13/15

Jet Setting Just Right – How to Pack for Your Vacation – Without preparation and organization, packing can be the second most annoying task besides going through security checkpoints. Wouldn’t you love to learn some easy life hacks that will make not only packing but your entire vacation a breeze? Well read on and stay tuned […]

posted on 07/01/15

That’s My Beach – Lekki Beach in Lagos, Nigeria – Today we’re highlighting Nigerian’s most scenic seashores in Lagos. Although, Lagos has its share of crime, yet visitors still come to the bustling city because of its vibrant nightlife, shopping and nearby beaches. Lagos is home to almost a dozen beaches that offer visitors the […]

posted on 06/17/15

Artistic Meeting Point – The Marrakech Biennale and Beyond – This week we’re on a bit of a mission to tempt you to put Marrakech on your bucket list. There is a new exhibit that pinpoints marrakech as the artistic meeting point of Africa & Europe. It’s called the Carrefour/Meeting Point: The Marrakech Biennale and […]

posted on 06/02/15

Sailing in a Strawberry Milkshake Called Lake Retba – Ever dreamed about sailing in a strawberry milkshake? Your dream could come true if you’ll travel to Senegal anytime soon. In Senegal, Lake Retba, in the Cap Vert peninsula of the country is a unique natural phenomenon and one of the main attractions of Senegal. From […]

posted on 04/17/15

How Coachella Is a BOOMING money making business for Celebs & Uber drivers – The world-renowned Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival clogged our Facebook news feeds and hit major tabloids this past week. Part of the reason Coachella is fascinating for celeb-spotting is that its away from the red carpet and interview press lines. […]

posted on 10/22/14

So are clubs and pubs not really your thing? I explored nighttime outings that gives you a peek into what the locals are doing after dark as well as a taste of Prague’s quirkier cultural offerings. As you are walking on the cobblestoned streets and look to the castle lit up at night, it can […]

posted on 10/17/14

After eating all that delicious Czech food and eating the best burger in the world, it was time to burn off some calories! Walking around town exploring the beautiful sights is one way to do it, but dancing is Always the best choise! For starters we went to the world famous Parisian restaurant-bar-lounge Buddha-Bar. After […]


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