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posted on 05/27/14

Forget your go-to strawberry and banana smoothie combo and sip on something healthy AND exciting this summer! Thanks to antioxidant-rich berries, nuts and green tea, these five recipes are packed with superfood power. Drink up!To Make: In the order listed, place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth. If you are […]

posted on 04/08/14

Spring is finally here, which means an overhaul on clutter and dust that has collected within your personal space over the winter months. You’re going to put in work to get your space in order, but don’t stop your spring cleaning once your closets are cleared. Your body needs a cleansing of the garbage foods […]

posted on 04/03/14

Our trip ended at the airport of Rabat and we had jointly celebrated the opening of the first flight from Rabath to Amsterdam provided by Corendon Airlines  and ML Tours. The flights would help to boost culture tourism in Morocco. Morocco is making the most of its status as a ‘Secure’ tourist destination. Morocco’s tourism […]

posted on 03/27/14

Meknes is one of the four Imperial cities of Morocco and its a impressive city in Spanish-Moorish style, surrounded by high walls with great gates. We were warmly welcomed by dancing gnawa musicians. Gnawa music is a mixture of African, Berber, and Arabic religious songs and rhythms. It combines music and acrobatic dancing. Afterwards we […]

posted on 03/25/14

While driving towards Meknes, the modern city bustling with nightlife, restaurants and an impressive royal palace, we stopped over at the Roman ruins of Volubilis (Oualili). The road that leads from Fez to Meknes is one of the most fascinating you will find in all of Morocco. We’ve seen amazing lunar landscapes and valleys with […]

posted on 03/24/14

We were approached by ML Tours travel agency for the celebration of their 5 year anniversary and their first scheduled flight from Amsterdam to Rabath and from Rabath to Amsterdam. We felt honored to be on board with other 50 men while celebrating the establishment of  ML Tours and the rich culture of Morocco. We spent […]

posted on 01/15/14

The recent proliferation of mainstream massage parlors across the country begs the question of the benefits of the therapy. Swedish massage is the most common type of massage in the United States. The therapists use long kneading strokes on superficial layers of muscles. This is a good massage for first timers. Deep-tissue massage targets deeper […]

posted on 01/07/14

Soggy, stinky, smelly. Let’s face it sweaty smelly feet are a real pain. Bacteria and fungi break down that sweat in the warm moist darkness and as a by-product produce that humm. But sweaty feet are also often related to other conditions like stress and hormonal changes that do not just require a quick fix […]

posted on 01/02/14

Bath detoxification is an ancient remedy. It is a wonderful way to relax, cleanse your body of waste, beautify your skin, relieve pain, and overall just feel better. There are several different types of bath detoxes – each has its own benefits. Try out one (or more) of these relaxing bath ideas: Important Considerations Before […]

posted on 12/27/13

If you’re looking for a way to fight the inevitable holiday bulge, the treadmill may not be your only ally. Mindless snacking is a problem that, at some point or another, has afflicted even the best of us. Suddenly, “one more” chip or cookie turns into throwing the empty bag in the trash. But there […]


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